The Open Automation Platform

WireButter saves energy and controls networks of devices, helping to better manage assets and facilities in Health, Defence, Retail, Manufacturing, Food and Agriculture, Commercial and Residential Developments.

What is WireButter?

Imagine a powerboard as smart as an iPhone, complete with apps you can share among friends. It is so smart, it can communicate with other IoT devices or compatible gadgets through our Wirebutter store. Wirebutter have created the smartest powerboard in the world. It offers an all in one platform to control appliances, measure energy usage and communicate with other devices and third party vendor devices.

WireButter works like your smartphone, in fact, it even comes with apps and is the ultimate appliance translator – it can talk to every IOT device you have.

• Control appliances
• Measure energy usage
• Communicate with other devices and third party vendor devices
• Manages your energy usage (determine which appliance is using the most power)
• Turns your lights on or off remotely, or puts them on a schedule
• Detects faulty equipment and reduces the chances of fires
• Monitors your home or business remotely  through the internet
• Charges your USB devices quickly and efficiently
• Download apps to customize its usability and functionality
• Data collection (it will read what type of appliance you are using)
• Reduces your power bills
• Able to know what the cost of your next electrical bill will be


WireButter can connect wirelessly to almost any capable device. Making it easy to control appliance and gadgets from remote locations.

Future Proof

We have created WireButter in a way that ensures it can be used with any emerging technology that becomes available in the future.


Packed with technology, it’s simply the smartest and most efficient platform in the world.

Cloud Enabled

WireButter stores all your preferences in a secure cloud. Making it easy to access anywhere in the world.

Energy Mangement

With the ability to control and manage any connected device, WireButter will save you time and money.


To make WireButter a reality we needed to look beyond conventional power-board technology. Through innovative technology WireButter was born.

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